Winter Programs

2022 Instructional Spring Training Classes 2022   (Ages 5 -18) 

Saturday, February 5th we will be starting several different YOUTH SPRING TRAINING CLASSES.  These classes are designed to condition, review and progress the skills used in the game of baseball before the season begins.  Below please find a basic description of the various classes. Class times and dates can be found on the Spring Training Class Schedule below. 

 Wednesday, February 9th, our HIGH SCHOOL SPRING TRAINING CLASS will begin for 6 weeks. It will include 18 hours of spring training, in 12 one and a half hour practices, meeting twice a week. It will end at the start of H.S. Baseball. The cost of this program is $240.  

 Our Youth Spring Training Classes ages 8-14 consists of eight, one and a half hour practices.  These classes meet two days a week. A youth class runs four weeks. The classes are broken up by age. Please see our program schedule for various classes.  In each program players will receive 12 hours of indoor practice and instruction for the cost of $210.    

 Our 7 year old class, (Class G) or 8 and 9 year old class (Class F) runs once a week over four weeks. These classes are one and one half hours long. The cost of this program is $120. Please note our 8 and 9 year olds also have a two day option (Class E).     

 Our Rug Rat Program, (class R) ages 5-6 runs for 1 hour, one time a week over four weeks. The cost of this program is $75 dollars for 4 meetings.  

 Private Lessons  

 Private lessons are also available for all parts of the game at various times during the week.  These times are scheduled by appointment only by calling (781) 293-2700.  Or emailing us at; [email protected]  The cost of one lesson is $75 for 45 minutes. A package of six lessons is available for $405.  All packages must be paid in full at lesson one.  

General Information and Registration  

Where: All classes and lessons are held in our facility at the Hanson Athletic Association at; 171 Reed Street, just off of route 27 in Hanson. Our indoor facility is set back between the two main buildings at the Hanson Athletic Association.  Please look for our diamond shaped sign.  In the case of heavy snow please call 781 293-2700 before you leave your home.  More information and additional forms can be accessed by emailing us at: [email protected]. Also visit our website at  

When: Please see the 2022 Spring Training Class Schedule. 

 To Register: Please fill out the form below and click send or you can also mail this information in  with a check payable to: Steve Ferroli Baseball, P.O. Box 72, Monponsett, MA 02350.  A deposit of $50 will hold a roster spot with full payment due by program start.  We are in the process of creating an online payment system through our store but we are not quite there yet.  Until then  all payments are preferred by mail. We also will have a drop box at the building to keep Covid distancing during registration the box slot is near our baseball sign.    

Discounts: Players registered in the Ted Williams League Spring Program 2022 will receive a 33 percent discount on all our programs! Also, any class payment made in full and postmarked before January 26th can deduct $10 per player.  

 Spectators; Due to Covid concerns there will be no spectators indoors again this year. Simple drop off and pick up instructions will be provided after registration.        

Spring Training Class Schedule 2022 

 Program # 1 February; includes classes starting Saturday, Feb 5th and ending March 4th.   

Program # 2 March; includes classes starting Saturday, March 5th and ending April 1st. 

Class B (JR. High & 12) 

Sun. & Wed. 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Class C (Ages 10 & 11)

Mon & Thur  5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Class E (Ages 8 & 9)

Mon & Thr  4:00 pm to 5:30 pm  

Class F** (Ages 8 & 9) Saturdays only 

2:30 pm to 4:00 pm  

Class G** (Ages 7)  Saturdays only 

12:30 pm to 2:00 pm    

Class R** (Ages 5-6) Saturdays  only

11:00 am to 12:00 pm 

 (** Class meets only once a week.)  Note; Due to the high interest at the 7, 8, 9 age group, we have added an additional (once a week) 8 & 9 year old class option.  

High School Baseball  (Class A) 

 Program # 3 is our boy’s High School Baseball class starting Wednesday, February 9th for six weeks, 12 practices ending Sunday, March 20th. 

Class A High School  Weds. & Sun

7;30 pm to 9:00 pm 

Tips for choosing the right class:  

 If a player is almost the age of an older class and you believe the player will get more out of the older class we will trust your judgment.  Please remember if you register for a youth class in program #1 you are not automatically registered for program #2, this requires a separate deposit.  For more information, please call the camp office (781) 293-2700 or email us at; [email protected] Are you on our email list? Also, please like our facebook page; Ted Williams Baseball League for various postings and quick updates! 

Spring Training Class Registration Form